The website will be set up for you, so all you have to do is add the information for your guests.

Online RSVP

Don't wait months to receive your RSVPs - it's possible to get them back as quickly as two weeks!

Customise the questions to get exactly the right information from your guests.

Send your invitations with the address of your website and they can fill in the form on their phone, tablet, or anywhere they wish. You'll receive an email straightaway with everything they wrote to help make planning that little bit easier.


Inform your guests with what to expect on the day.

You may not know what is happening straightaway, so the itinerary can be customised anytime with the day's events.

Name each event, give a time and then any extra information you can think of.

Venue Details

There are a lot of things guests need to know about where you're getting married. From details about the ceremony, to important information about the reception, and directions for both. Even choices for the menu can be added here.

Accommodation Details

Family and friends don't usually all live near the venue, so quite a few will need to stay somewhere. Especially those who will party hard.

You can use this page to give information for staying at the venue and also the best nearby hotels and B&Bs.

Gifts Page

Leave guests to do their own thing and you'll end up with a load of gifts you'll never use.

Add information on the gift list that you have set up with John Lewis etc., or if you'd like cash then a little poem will be there waiting for you to use - because let's face it, you'll want to ask for money in the most friendly way possible.

Contact Details

Guests may need to contact someone specific about the big day, so here you can add your details along with those of the main wedding party.

You don't need to add a Maid of Honour or Best Man though - some people opt to display just themselves.


Keep those special feelings going by uploading all of the photos and videos from the day for everyone to see all in one convenient place.

Flexible Layout

The layout will automatically adjust to different size screens - it will look different on a phone to a tablet, laptop or computer.

For example, with more space on a tablet than on a phone, this will mean parts of the page can expand to fill the space.

Countdown Timer

This timer will show how long is left until the big day.


If it's important that colours match across your whole wedding, then the colours of your website can also be altered to match what you have chosen.

Items that can be changed are the font colours, countdown timer background and the colour of text links.

A logo can also be purchased from a choice of designs. If you already your own logo, this can be placed at the top of the website.


A logo can also be purchased from a choice of designs and can even be used for invitations.


You don't want just anyone looking at your wedding website. So they won't be able to.

Your guests will need to enter a password on a login page before they can see all of the information. You can choose what the password is, and it will be the same for everyone.

Search engines like Google will automatically list your website if they're given the chance. That's why they will be specifically instructed not to with some clever code behind the scenes.

Special attention will be made to make sure that hackers can't get access to the website either. This is a concern for any website in the world, but you can rest assured that many security fundamentals have been taken care of to make sure this doesn't happen.